mehndi for girls and women

Why Mehndi Designs are Impotant For Bridals

Bridal Mehndi Designs

Have you ever visited the photographer’s Facebook pages? Being a girl there are many things which falls into the to-do or plan-it-this way category but the most specific thing a girl look for in such pages is the wedding dress style, the bride’s accessory, venue, photography tactics and above all, the mehendi designs applied to the hands of the bride and her fellows present in the photos.  Aren’t they simply lovely? The mesmerizing dark red color of henna and the overall look of the hands and arms with the heartbreaking and eye catching dress and jewelry is worth praising. The art of applying mehendi designs is practiced all over the world. In the west, it is considered in the form of henna tattoos while on the eastern side of the world, it is loved and considered a part of the tradition and culture.


Apart from the bridal mehndi designs appreciated through the Facebook pages, many things like how to apply henna and in what pattern, is given on different cool websites as well as many mehandi designs books are available in the market. You can also get the designs from different videos on YouTube or other social media websites. At many places, a complete guide of how to apply a specific design and tips for what care should be taken to get a bright reddish orange color or the one you love are also mentioned.

Mehendi Designs


Here are the images of unique and gorgeous mehendi designs for girls.


latest classic mehndi design for bridals hq image

simple classic mehndi design for bridals

amazing mehndi design for feet henna for bridals

Beautiful bridal mehndi designs image  Mehandi design on bridal for wedding amazing unique white henna tattoo for bridals

mehndi for girls and women

Focusing on the mehendi designs loved by people living in countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia and other eastern countries, it is easy to guess that they love the Arabic mehndi designs the most. Why is that so? Well, loving art depends on the taste of the person as well as his or her aesthetic sense and for the people of East; henna designs in Arabic style are what touch their hearts. It consists of patterns like dots, lines, flowers, and vines. They can be delicate or simple and on the other hand, very complicated yet lovely. Second in line are the bridal mehndi designs which although are only applied on the hands, full arms and feet of the brides but every girl who have a look at them simply dies for such beautiful designs. Other types of designs which can be made through henna include the typical golla style which is loved and most commonly seen on the hands of the girls and women as it is easy to make and anyone who knows how to hold the henna cone tube, no matter whether she is an expert or not, can make this design.


Do you wish to apply mehendi designs through henna cone tube by yourself? You might also be worried about the quality of the cone and the neatness and fluency of the design you are making. This is a common issue faced by those who are beginners in the field of mehndi art. The only way to get better in this art like any other art is to practice a lot. You should know how to hold the cone tube which is very easy. The usual way in which girls hold is like a pencil. With fingers and thumb, all wrapped around the tip. The amount of pressure applied at the back and on the tip of the mehndi cone tube determines the amount of henna paste that comes out of a tiny hole in front. Few mehndi designs demand a large amount of henna paste like while making golla on the palm or back of the hand and many others demand a thin flow of henna paste from the hole in the cone to make delicate and simple designs.


Mehendi designs are the love of the girls and women who like to dress well and stay up to date according to the world of fashion. While there are a lot of things girls can do to look pretty and trendy through makeup, nail art and dress designing; applying mehendi designs still stays irreplaceable.

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