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White Henna – Henna Tattoos for Girls

With the name white henna, the first thing that clicks in one’s mind is a henna paste which is white in color or a paste that might leave white color on the skin instead of the regular red color. Is that so? Not really, as originally henna is obtained from natural products. It is basically a powder which is obtained from the plants, then mixed with a solvent and converted into a paste but in the case of white henna tattoos; it is made artificially by combining various chemicals and substances. In reality, it is more often considered as an adhesive paste rather than the natural henna which adds in the beauty of a girl and paints her hands, feet and other body tattoos red in color.


Do you want to know how you can make white henna? Making this adhesive paint at home is difficult as proper chemicals, their concentrations, and proper environmental conditions are required to make it. In case you are experimenting by using its ingredients, you might either make the paste too thin, too thick or end up in a mess. This is why different manufacturers make sure they mix the chemicals properly. The things used to make white henna tattoo is the acrylic emulsion, water, sorbitol, glyceryl, guar gum, titanium dioxide and about less than 1% of benzyl alcohol. The history has it that this paste was and is still used as a prosthetic adhesive which allows attaching various prosthetic devices to the skin. The second purpose for which its use has recently doubled is the same as that of the traditional henna.  Girls and women, now use it as a cosmetic product.


White Henna – Henna Tattoos for Girls


Wondering how and where you can apply it? Just a simple search on white henna opens up so many beautiful images on Google that all your worries about what design to apply using this paste vanish. This white paste is available in cones similar to red henna. The good part is that they can also be applied in a similar way but leaves behind a thick, puffy, 3-D effect on the skin. You can make any type of design using it. From Arabic henna designs to Rajasthani, Indian, Morocco, and any other mehandi design as it is the pattern and the design which really matters and not the theme. White henna leaves behind a beautiful white color and is considered to be best for darker skin tones.


White Henna



white henna mehndi for hand Enique style white henna for hand Perfect white henna aplication on back hand cute mehndi white henna 2018 hq image modern style white mehndi design for girls

Are you interested in arts? Doesn’t matter if your aesthetic sense is sharp or not as you can go to makeup artists and ask them to add creativeness in the design you like using the white henna cone tube and make your hand or feet look simply beautiful. The use of glitter and gilding powder makes the end result even more breathtaking. You can take glitter of any color and sprinkle it over the wet white paste. Gilding powder is also used and once the paste is dried, a brush can be used to remove the excess of the glitter and powder. This gives your design a shimmery, fancy look. Going to a party? Don’t forget to apply white henna with the glitter of the same color as your dress on your hands.


As far as the area where you can apply white henna is concerned, there is no restriction to that. The Eastern girls and brides prefer applying it on the back of their hands, feet, arms and legs. Those who love the idea of a tattoo, apply it on their neck, back, shoulders, belly and on their waist. The idea of using white henna as the source to design tattoo on the body is commonly used by Western girls and women. Either it’s the prom party they have to go to or is the wedding of a girl, this adhesive paste remains their number one choice to apply temporary tattoos on their shoulder, neck, arms and on the back as well. The designs are quite pretty and the paste can be peeled off after the event without any difficulty, leaving the option of reapplication of the paste with a fresh design on the next event.


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