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Although henna tattoo kits are easily available on the web, in health food stores and in beauty parlours, if you try yourself you will be able to make your own henna paste for your mehndi patterns and mehndi designs. After reading this article you will be able to prepare your own henna paste and will know the exact method to apply it on your hands or in any other area. Preparing henna paste is a fun and if the outcome of the henna paste is just as you were thinking of, you will feel happy and pleased. I have also provided some nice pictures below which will help you in mehndi design.



3 teaspoonfuls fine-grained and strained henna

1 teaspoonful eucalyptus oil

2 tablespoonfuls black tea

1 cup water

Metal or silver spoon for mixing

Lid and plastic bowl

Plastic wrap




  1. After boiling water, add up black tea, allow for impregnating for at the least 2 to 3 hours (night long is finer).
  2. As the tea is ended up infusing, filter it by a strainer and make sure that it does not contain any leaves or sediments which will add up to the henna paste.
  3. Now take the plastic bowl and put the henna powder into it then add the oil to the powder. But remember not to mix them.
  4. Now take three tablespoonfuls of the tea and add it to the powder one by one and stir it.
  5. Mix it nicely you can also push the mixture into the side position of the bowl to smoothen it out.
  6. After mixing it you now wrap up the bowl with plastic wrap and seal off with a lid. Put this bowl outside of light and allow for twelve hours.
  7. For smoothing any leftover chunks you can use the spoon.
  8. If it is too fluidly then put some henna powder to it if it is too dense put some tea or water just a few drops to it and mix it up. The outcome of the henna paste should just like your toothpaste.
  9. Your henna paste is now set up to use and you can store it for 2 to 3 daytimes.


Henna Application

Different artists may have different methods some apply mehndi designs with the help of ready-made henna cones. Squeeze bottles having metal tips and plastic applied are the most common and more comfortable to practice. You can find these types of applicators in almost all of the artwork provision stores.



Henna paste and applied

Eucalyptus oil

Cotton lumps

Paper towels

Cotton swabs


Straight pins

Vegetable oil

Mixture of sugar and lemon juice (1/2 lemon to 1 teaspoonful sugar)


  1. Now you clean all the hairs from the region where henna has to be applied.
  2. Wash away and dry out the region soundly.
  3. Now apply a drop of oil into the region and massage it mildly.
  4. Now implement the mehndi henna design.
  5. For the smoothing of the lines, you can use toothpicks and cotton, for clearing the applier tips straight pins can be used.
  6. Allow the henna paste to dry for ten to fifteen minutes.
  7. When the henna paste dries out to moisten the mehndi henna design with sugar mixture and lemon juice utilising a cotton ball. You should keep moistening as it dries out for twelve to twenty hours. Henna will go deeper better, the longer the henna paste stays on the skin.
  8. While removing the henna paste use cotton ball sank in vegetable oil.
  9. You should avoid the mehndi henna design from wetting for the longest possible time, this possible time may exceed 4 hours up to a day.

It will furnish a decent colour and beautiful mehndi henna design, not only on hands but also all other areas and features its own trend of Arabic Mehndi Designs, Indian Henna Designs and Pakistani mehndi design.

See some henna designs below in the pictures you may like them. 

henna on back blonde girl

henna designs

latest modern mehndi design on women's back Feet Henna design mehndi henna stylish mehndi design for back classic flower pattern mehndi design


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