3d mehndi for leg

How To Select The Best Mehndi Designs For Legs

Best Mehndi Designs For Legs

Generally, mehndi designs for legs were the trademarks of the Indian brides but now a day’s mehndi has become a fashion statement for modern women. From elaborate designs to simple growing vine around your ankle, mehndi design for legs are just meant for being the part of every occasion, be it a traditional wedding or just an informal beach outing.

mehndi designs for foot

Artist: @gaspina_master

The most important thing that you need to keep in your mind before you set out to choose your mehndi designs for legs is what exactly will be your dress like? For Indian brides, mehndi symbolizes her upcoming household bliss that she is about to face in her new home. The longer the mehndi of her feet last the longer her bliss continues, it depicts that she isn’t thrust with daily chores that may wear off the mehndi on her feet. her in-laws are understanding enough in providing her with ample time to get adjusted to her new household. Hence a bride’s mehndi for leg designs should be elaborate and to some extent hefty that has a long-lasting effect on her feet and legs.


3d mehndi for leg

Artist: @gaspina_master

mehndi for foot

Artist: @henna_boutique_brisbane

But if you are planning a trip to a beach, you need not choose an elaborate or hefty mehndi designs for legs. An interlocking pattern of a flowered vine running down your shin bone or on your calves looks elegant and is just the perfect for this occasion. These patterns are easy to touch-up if you decide to move on with the same decision for a longer period.

modern mehndi on leg

Artist: @sekta_mehendista_krsk

If you decide to flaunt your mehndi design on weekends but conceal them at work, try out designing the part just beneath your knees or ankles which can be visible in short skirts or strappy sandals but can be easily concealed when you wear pants or business suits

red henna design for hand and feet

artist: @hennasooq

Simple designs with the larger line are good for those who do not have enough time for intricate mehndi design for legs. You can also use a stencil if you find it difficult to fabricate mehndi designs properly with your hands.

henna designs for feet

Artist: @gaspina_master

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