combination of classic and modern mehndi design

North Indian Style Mehndi (Henna) Patterns Designs!

Indian Mehndi Designs

Mehndi is treated as a tradition in India and Mehndi is also known as Henna as is compulsory needed for every Indian function. The joy of the special occasions re yet made more special by keeping beautiful Mehndi North Indian style Mehndi designs on hands and feet. There are various North Indian designs for particular occasions. For the bride, there is a full heavy design which includes images, flowers and more exclusively designed for the bride and looks very beautiful on hands and feet. The designs are drawn without leaving much space and are filled with fillings, dots, shading to make it look elegant.

Mehndi designs for hand hq

Artist: @anastasia hd mehendi

simple mehndi design for hand

Artist: @bellahenna

flower pattern mehndi henna

artist: @hennasooq

For small occasions, there are other North Indian designs like the Arabic simple design, which is drawn in the bail form using only one side of the hand or feet involving flowers, leaves, and dark shadings. The designs do not look gaudy and jazzy. You can enhance the Arabic designs itself yet more by giving two-three nails on hands and feet to look it more heavily. The other famous style of North Indian Mehndi Designs is the unique design style which is very trendy these days. The design is drawn by drawing a big flower like the image at the center leaving the other sides of the hand completely empty and just filling the tips with small flowers. This design looks very elegant.

mehndi design great classic pattern

unique classic style mehndi

Artist: Jes Saunders

combination of classic and modern mehndi design

The North India special designs also include the Moroccan Mehndi designs for hand and feet which are basically the same design drawn giving the geometrical and artistic look on the hands and feet. On both the hands, same design if copied in this style. This could be the elder’s choice. Try these few North Indian special Mehndi designs on hands and feet and make your occasions more special.

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