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New Cool And Elegant Mehndi Designs 2017

Mehndi Designs 2017 would be the most highlighting thing in 2017 for Henna fans.


2017 is a year of glory, livelihood and new ideas. The year where people want to implement their new ideas and want to gain knowledge about stuff they don’t know about. Mehndi designs 2017s a collection of very elegant and graceful designs that will become the part of many brides and ladies this year. The henna designs will not be much complex and overcrowded but will require neatness and good hand work.

modern mehndi for hand

Artist: @rabbyy_mehndi

modern mehndi for hand

Artist: @rabbyy_mehndi

The most awaiting design of the season is the one made with black Mehndi. This is not an ordinary Mehndi and gives a very beautiful and dark blackish color. The designs made are quite classy and can go well with western outfits also. It’s more like an imitation of rings and bracelets on hand just like an arm candy. This design looks very beautiful and if neatly done that no one can say it is done with hands, it looks as if it is a tattoo pasted which are usually available in markets. This design is at the top of the list in Mehndi designs 2016.

Mehndi designs for hand

Artist: @hennaby_aziza

Mehndi design for hand

Artist: @hennaby_aziza

One of the gorgeous designs of this year is the combination of black and red Mehndi where the hands are filled with both the colors in intricate designs. The results look very beautiful and it smells good too. The designs are more floral and leafy which is quite an old technique. This remarkable design gets a good place in Mehndi designs 2017 if topped up with a little glitter.


Mehndi designs and trends change time to time but for brides, the trend is always the same. It is more filled up Mehndi on hand and feet till the elbows and in some cases the Mehndi is applied above the elbow level. The design is quite complicated and involves floral and geometrical design that may include some figures like a peacock, male and female, dhols. The finger tips are filled with henna to give a unique look to the hands. All these designs are going to be applied this year and will be popular among the Mehndi designs 2017.

peacock mehndi design on back hand

latest mehndi design green pattern henna black henna mehndi

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