mehndi design for hand

Mehndi Tattoo Patterns For Men

No matter how long we talk about Mehndi and its designs, we never get bored to halt the talk.  That is the specialty of Mehndi.  Mehendi designs are way too popular from ancestral time and the craze for them is nowhere down.  Women adore the Mahendi designs and just carve their hands with varieties of Mahendi designs as many times as they want.


Occasion is just an excuse for them and the real intention is to carve their beautiful hands with lovely Mahendi designs.  In olden days women used to love Mahendi, but now the time has changed.  Just like women are doing what men are doing, even men were into everything that only women are meant to do.


Mahendi designs are being appreciated by men too, but not in the form of heavy designs.  They don’t carve their hands for special occasions or when they become the bridegroom, but they learnt to consider it as a style statement.


Mehndi Patterns for men

Men never carve Mahendi on their hands or other parts of the body, but now it has become a style statement for men.  They are carving their body parts with Mahendi designs.  As we discussed in our previous articles, Mahendi designs are available in numerous patterns.  The patterns are countless and have their own essence of style in them.  The Mahendi designs we are talking about are being considered as tattoos by men.

mehndi design for hand

Artist: @bellahenna

mind blowing mehndi design for hand


Men are showing a lot of interest lately in carving their body with unique and simple Mahendi designs.  They are tattooing their body with Mahendi designs that are way too natural.  Mahendi designs are very easy to carve and also take very less time for carving.  We have chosen some unique Mehndi tattoo patterns for you and made them available in our page below.  Take a look!

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