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Kids are always taking interest in almost everything what they see. Children are very innocent and they are always trying to do those things which their mother and sisters or father do. If any of Mother likes the Mehndi then her child will automatically be liked mehndi.

latest red mehndi design for kids simple arabic mehndi design for baby


Particularly Mehndi is for girls that’s why the small baby always likes the sharp things and she always likes the designs of mehndi and always wanted to apply the designs of mehndi on their hands. Because the babies are too small and the design which is used by the elders is not suitable for the babies, that’s why we have made the simple and short designs in their small hands.

Mehndi design For hands

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These Small Mehndi designs are in some small flower and sun paste on the palm on the baby girl. So we have to make some smelled signs of their hands. When we applied these designs on the hands of the babies the big and beautiful smile popped out from the face of these babies. And which is very precious and priceless.


Mehndi Designs For Kids are a little bit different from elder’s mehendi designs. Kids mehndi designs are mostly simple and delicate and usually not very heavy because kids should look like a kid.



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