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Mehndi Designs 2017

Mehendi Designs

We remember the mehndi designs from the old times which were very simple, yet they were the life of the wedding on the Bride’s hand or were basically what all the females needed at that time. Now, as we’re approaching the perks of the modern world, the demand has been raised for more unique and up-to-the-level-of the modern world. Times have changed and so have style and fashion, then how can we expect the Mehendi designs to stay behind. The more demanding mehndi designs include glitter rub, sparkles and more of the bedazzled styles. Moreover, dark designs are used now a day; you could either take it the frilly way or straight. The latest mehndi designs include the thin line mehndi designs which are closely arranged with each other so when you look at your hand from a distance, it seems like a really dark hue. And then there’s this concept of putting sheera(the sugar syrup) on top of the mehndi design, so it strengthens the color of the mehendi and it makes it last longer.

moroccon mehndi design image hd Red mehndi design with letter

From then to now, the mehndi designs have become very commercial. We used to see small businesses of mehendi designs or you could say they were the cottage businesses in which the mehndi designs required small payments. Now the businesses have been stretched to the level of Beauty Salons and spas on a large scale. You can say that the mehendi designs are now done at professional levels. Mehndi designs basically originated from Asia and Middle East but now these mehndi designs or their businesses can easily be observed in America and Europe. Indeed, women all over the world are just crazy for mehendi designs. Their demand is increasing day by day.

İs Mehndi only used For hand?

arabic mehndi design for hand

colorful mehndi

Mehndi is not only used for hand. They’re used for hair for that lustrous red colour and it’s said to have many advantages. Mehndi designing have become an art which is sought by most of the artists. I’ve heard that people who are really interested in learning the designs have been given an opportunity by building the learning units of mehndi designs. These units have experts as teachers which could make you learn almost every design. The learning and the money making skills is all you require for starting your own business.


Now coming to the important point; mehndi is a sign of beauty. It’s a signature, a style and a code for fashion. And as we all know, it is the identity of a bride. A bride without mehendi could simply not be called as a bride. Now they are being used on almost every event. Mehndi designs were once for the Brides only , now of course every girl craves for it.

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