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Latest Pakistani Mehndi Designs 2017

Pakistani Mehndi Designs

Mehndi is a beautiful tradition since many years and this tradition has gained a lot of popularity with the passage of time. It is a beautiful addition in the most refined and rich Pakistani culture. Events are not complete without Mehndi and it is the best part of woman’s look. Pakistani Mehndi Designs have some versatile and graceful designs that are best for any sort of occasion from Eid to weddings; it just adds a bling and looks amazing.


Many new and old designs have been added in Pakistani Mehndi Designs. The old ones are introduced with some unique additions just to give a twist to the design which will look much prettier after application. The new designs added are much better and a lot of good designs have been introduced. Most of the new Pakistani Mehndi designs are inspired by the Arabic style of Mehndi designs. It is much like a combination of both where the designs are not heavy and more floral.

Henna for hand amazing photo hq

The Arabic inspired Pakistani Mehndi Designs are quite thicker and less filled which gives a very neat and clean look to the hands and feet. These designs are becoming quite common in Pakistan and very popular among girls, as these designs are hassle free and accumulate less time and money. The designs are mostly applied on palm and fingers with the finger tips all filled with think Mehndi paste.

The very old and one of the legendary Pakistani Mehndi design is the Tikki Mehndi where a thickly filled round circle is applied on the middle of the palm with thickly filled finger tips. It is an old fashioned way of applying Mehndi but this design is reintroduced with some dramatic changes. A lot of other details have been added up to make the design more modern and according to the latest style and fashion. This new way of redesigning the Mehndi pattern has saved much time as it takes little time to apply and looks wonderful on the hands.


Pakistani Mehndi Designs 2017

Here are the images of Latest Pakistani Mehndi Designs for Hands and Feet

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Pakistani mehndi design

Most Amazing Pakistani Mehndi Designs Pakistani mehndi tattoo imagemehndi design on feet image unique pattern

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