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Latest Mehndi Designs for Different Events

Latest Mehndi Designs are the most demanding thing by the Henna and Mehndi lovers.


Mehndi is a traditional form of the art in which beautiful and intricate designs are painted on one’s hands, feet or other body parts with a thick paste made from dried Henna leaves. This paste is filled in a cone-shaped tube to transfer convenient designs. This tradition was once part of the eastern culture but now the western general is also standing up to adopt and get inspired by this lovely tradition.


Our festivals and occasions are incomplete without the application of latest mehndi designs. Whether it is Religious Festivals, Weddings or any other cultural events, Henna is a must for all the females attending. The use of Mehndi gives a very cool and soothing effect on our body, mind and soul. It is also applied to the hair for the relaxation of brain cells and healthy hair.


Latest Mehndi Designs

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If we talk about Latest Mehndi Designs we now see that the designs are becoming more complicated and hard to apply. It takes a longer time to put thin and fine designs rather than thick and untidy ones. The styles vary in different themes like Floral Mehndi, Mughlai Mehndi, Geometrical designs, Paisley designs and much more. The thinner and fine the design is, the beautiful it will look but a true expert is required for the application and both the persons involved in this needs complete patience.


In this season the mehndi designs for hands have become more vibrant and colorful, yes we are talking about colors in Mehndi. For the past 2 years, Mehndi is applied in different tones dark and light which is decorated with glitters and diamantes.  In this period it has become a profession from the hobby as the earning has become quite high in this business. The Latest trend for the bride is to fill their hands and feet with fine henna designs and above all their hands completely filled till their elbows, the better the design the higher the price. Our internet is filled with latest and traditional designs that can be saved and copied for beautiful designing of henna on the hands of beautiful ladies. Long live this beautiful tradition and the one applying it beautifully.

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