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Latest Indian Mehndi Designs 2018


Latest Mehndi Designs

Mehndi is a must in any happy occasions or events taking place in Asian and Arabic countries. In weddings, a complete day is dedicated to Mehndi and the main focus is the Brides Mehndi. The darker the Mehndi, the more she will be loved by her husband and in-laws. This beautiful tradition has expanded in many countries and many Mehndi Designs have become popular in which one of them is Indian Mehndi Designs.

cool mehndi for hands

Artist: @gopihenna


Hundreds of Indian Mehndi Designs are available over the internet and in small booklets. These designs are quite complicated and need a lot of hard work and good hand control. The Henna Artist has to follow perfection and work with full concentration, as the designs are difficult to apply. The designs are mostly floral with some other artwork and these designs are considered quite a time to consume.


Indian Mehndi Designs are the most popular among the brides across Asia especially India and Pakistan. Due to its heavy application and sophisticated designs, it goes well with the bride’s wardrobe and the overall theme of the wedding. The designs can also be enhanced with the addition of some peacocks, male and female figures and some other artwork. The designs are usually overfilled with henna and expand till the elbow and below the knee. Henna artists usually generate a good income out of these designs as they are hard to apply and so they charge more.


Indian Mehndi designs are very famous in the world mostly where Asian people reside and it is one of the great pieces of artwork when applied flawlessly with love and care. The designs are applied with a fine paste of henna and a very good quality henna paste is used to get best results. These designs give a beautiful and lively effect to hands and feet. It is just like an ornament which gives a touch of perfection and completes every desire of a woman.


Indian Mehndi Designs 2018

Here are the beautiful images of the Latest Indian Mehndi Designs 2018

red henna mehndi for bridals

twins stytle mehndi design for hands

original mehndi pattern for hand image hd

Artist: @gopihenna



cool mehndi for hands

Artist: @gopihenna


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