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Latest Arabic Mehndi Designs 2017

Arabic Mehndi Designs


Being the most popular among the majority of women, Arabic mehndi designs is also one of those mehndi designs which are loved by them the most. When it comes to fashion and the way you look in your society. Everyone prefers to be at their best so that they always receive praise and fall in the good books of others. In this, the way one carries himself or herself counts a lot which is why whatever you do to your outlook, you must look presentable. Mehndi is a fashion art which is applied to the external parts of the body. Arabic mehndi designs are a part of those mehndi designs which are mainly drawn on hands, arms and feet.


florals best arabic mehndi design


Latest Mehndi Designs


You’ll be glad to know that above hundred latest mehndi designs are available in this domain. Not to forget to relate Arabic mehndi designs to the former tradition and cultures of Arab. As they too represent the glory and extravaganza which the Arabs once possessed. These designs add into the beauty of girl and the amazing reddish black color of henna is simply mesmerizing. Arabic mehndi designs have a distinct pattern which must be followed to ensure that it’s the Arabic variety of mehndi design. Many henna tattoos are there in market which covers Arabic style and can be pasted on back of hands.

flower high quality mehndi for back hand

Simple Mehndi Designs


Floral patterns, hearts, dots, golla with colored finger tips, mosque shaped patterns and many other designs are a symbol of Arabic mehndi designs. If we talk about the types of these designs, they can be widely divided into two types. One is the simple mehndi designs while other is the complex Arabic mehndi designs. The first category covers all the lines, dots, and different shapes which are drawn via henna on the hand. Simple, delicate but artistic lace type designs are also made on the back side of the hand as well as on the palm. Considering the foot, similar three to four centimeters thick diagonal patterns are drawn by mehndi artists. At times only the fingers are imprinted with mehndi designs and the rest of the hand is left as it is.

unique mehndi design for finger awesome


simple arabic henna design for kids


Easy Mehndi Designs


Well, innovation is what leads to such different Arabic mehndi designs. The complex type covers heavy full arm and half legs designs. These are compact and full of minute details, often seen on the hands of brides on their wedding ceremonies. Flowers and spirals are what make these designs beautiful. If you are a beginner and you want to make easy mehndi designs on your hand through the henna cone tube, you can look for different tutorials on the internet which will give you step by step guide to easy designs.


The simple way of drawing the design with a pen on the hand or foot and then tracing it with mehndi is often used. Have you observed different colors of henna? The liquid paste of henna powder imparts multiple shades of red depending on the time for which it is left on the hand and the warmth of the skin and how can we forget its beautiful, pleasant scent. It simply puts you in a trance.


Basic flower mehndi. its simple

Basic flower mehndi


Arabic Mehndi Designs

For those girls who are thinking whether they can apply it on their hand or not. Arabic mehndi design is among those designs which are used by a majority of the people. This means that they are not just limited to brides but can be applied to all the girls and women out there on different, special events. The occasions which aren’t celebrated without mehndi include the major Eid festivals, Indian holi, karva chauth. And several other events plus some cultural events and jashn-e-bahara festivals celebrated in different countries. Other than this, if you are one of the mehndi lovers. You’ll find yourself applying Arabic mehndi designs on any random day of the year as well.

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