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How to choose mehndi designs for foot

Mehndi Design For Foot


Choosing the correct mehndi design for the foot isn’t that easy as it may appear. The most important thing that you need to take into consideration is the shape of the foot ready to get decorated. The sleek and small designs may not cover ample area of a broader foot whereas a smaller and thinner foot may look overdone in hefty designs. Moreover, the preferences of the mehndi wearer need to be given importance too.

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Leafy patterns are the commonest forms of mehndi designs for the foot. You can decorate your foot with this particular design at the sides, within your toes and also surrounding your ankles. Budding flowers can also be a good choice for designing your feet.

For designing the centre position of your feet you can always select a checkerboard, circular or any other geometrical format. It is better to start designing from the centre and moving along to the side of your feet. Diagonal patterns moving along your feet also bring a great effect. You can opt for various colours to make your mehndi designs look even more attractive. Applying some glitters can also do a lot of good to the designs.

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Indian and Arabic designs are ideal for mehndi designs for foot, as they are less intricate and do not look clumsy and hefty on your foot. But whatever designs you decide to apply on your feet, make sure you give enough time to let the designs dry out completely. You need to fix yourself at a particular position till the mehndi of your feet gets dried completely. Another important thing that you need to keep in your mind that your feet need to be very clean before you try out some of the mehndi designs for the foot. If possible dip your feet in lukewarm water before applying mehndi on them for a nice and complete effect.

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