Mehndi design for hand and fingers

Henna Tattoos For Girls


Since the eighteenth century, the art of tattooing has taken a sharp turn towards success. People from all around the world are eager to apply tattoos on their skin. Either for fun or to be recognized as a part of a firm, tattooing has become a necessity for many of us. The usual practice is to go to a tattoo maker, let him insert the needle into your skin and after experiencing a lot of pain, you’ll finally get your desired tattoo imprinted on your body. The question that arises here is, is all the pain worth a tattoo? What if you can get the same tattoo without any painful sessions of needle insertion in your arm or leg, with henna? Yes, henna tattoos are now available in the market and are without the doubt winning over the usual tradition of needle tattooing.

mehndi design for back hand

Artist: @rabbyy_mehndi

Henna Tattoo

Pick any design you want and have it imprinted on your body in the form of a henna tattoo.


mehndi for arm

Artist: @rabbyy_mehndi

Henna Tattoo Designs


The trend of henna tattoo is largely seen in Asia and Middle Eastern side but is gradually increasing in the West as well owing to the ease it offers to the people. The practice of making designs, signs and symbols through henna is often observed on beaches where imprinting tattoos on the body is a common activity.


The henna paste allows you to make any kind of design through it provided that you are good at carrying the mehndi cone or applying it through the brush. If you go to different shops where tattoo service is available, you can easily find henna tattoo designs stamps. These stamps are of different styles covering patterns, figures as well as word art. Pick the one you want and let the shopkeeper, as he knows how to do it best, apply it on your skin. Are you worried about its cost? Don’t be as it is way cheaper than the needle tattoo art.

Mehndi design for hand and fingers

henna tattoos Artist: by@veronicalilu


Temporary Tattoos


Henna tattoo is a form of temporary tattoos. Unlike the permanent tattoos made by the tattoo designers, temporary tattooing style stay on your body for a short period of time say two to three weeks. Isn’t it a great benefit? Once your former tattoo is faded, you can come up with a new henna tattoo on your arm or anywhere you want. With this kind of body art you can escape those several minutes of extreme pain and permanent ink insertion into your body skin as henna is easy to apply and with few instructions in mind, you can make temporary tattoos on your own. henna tattoos, henna tattoo designs, temporary tattoos, mehndi tattoo

Henna tattoo designs for hand

Artist: @hennaby_aziza

Mehndi Tattoo

You can also enjoy different shades of mehndi tattoo by applying henna at different times. This means that once you have washed the henna, for instance off your hands, apply it again in few areas of the tattoo to darken only those areas. For maximum color yield, leave the henna tattoo applied on your skin for one whole night. Many henna cones consist of henna paste in which several chemicals are added to speed up and enhance the color of the henna. Try avoiding such cones and buy only those cones which are good in quality as such chemicals can greatly harm your skin in the form of skin allergies and rashes.


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Beautiful Henna Design 

chain style mehndi for hand

Artist: @bellahenna

creative classic pattern mehndi henna

Artist: @bellahenna

Tattoos are made either as a reminder of any special occasion, to show love and dedication to a special figure or as a sign of unity by different religious as well as social firms. Henna tattoos designs depend on the expertise and creativity of the maker or on the stencils or traced design used. Tracing the design means that you can pick a design, use ballpoint or any other colored pen or marker to draw it on the skin and then apply henna on it. Once it is dried, you can enjoy having a henna tattoo on your skin. From western dragon designs to birds, swans, pigeons, peacocks, unicorns, devils, floral designs and other complex patterns can be made through henna paste, cones or stamps.

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