unique mehndi design for hand

Henna Artist in Denver, Colarado (Jes Saunders)

Denver Based Henna Artist

Jes Saunder is a great henna artist who lives in Denver, Colorado.She Has a Henna-Tattoo shop.She offers her henna services at Denver.Her Henna designs are unique and modern.If you are a henna lover, you should follow her on social media(link in down below)

Artist’s Bio:

“I have been a devotee of henna for 20 years, practicing daily and diligently to improve my skill set… I also offer henna designs and inspired creations on leather, wood and bone, and I’m learning to transfer these images into the skin via tattoo as we speak” -Jes Saunders-

Jes Saunders’ henna arts:

unique mehndi design for hand

Artist:Jes Saunders

unique classic style mehndi

Artist:Jes Saunders

shiny henna art

Artist:Jes Saunders

mehndi for arm modern style

Artist:Jes Saunders

mehndi henna design for leg

Artist:Jes Saunders

mind blowing mehndi design for hand

Artist:Jes Saunders

eye shape mehndi fo back hand

Artist:Jes Saunders

faded flower pattern henna design

Artist:Jes Saunders

mehndi design for arm

Artist:Jes Saunders

amazing mehndi henna tattoo for hand

Artist: Jes Saunders

black color henna for hand

Artist:Jes Saunders

Jes Saunders’ info



Facebook link:


Instagram link:


Her Henna Service Adress

Adroit Tattoo, 17704 South Golden Road, Golden Colorado, 80401.

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