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Different Types of Rajasthani Mehandi Designs

Rajasthani Mehandi Designs

Rajasthani Mehandi Designs has gained the popularity throughout the world, just because these designs signify the culture and traditions of the Eastern Countries. In the modern era to look beautiful is the wish of everyone and the girls are always in the hunt for new fashion in the market to adopt them. Most girls want to look up to date and pretty in the parties and events and it does not matter which event is that they always adopt the latest fashion of that time.


Different Types of Rajasthani Mehndi Designs


As the time changes the fashion designers are working hard and effectively to introduce the new type of fashion, which could depict the style and personality of that person, designers are always trying to bring new but good changes in the fashion industry. As for girls they soon get bored of the old fashion so they always want to try something new that is introduced in the market to look good in front of others.

Rajasthani Mehndi Design

Today’s generation is fashion addicted and they cannot leave the new fashion or any product that could make them looks prettier. So fashion designers always have to work hard in this respect to get more profit out of it. As for latest fashion updates in fashion industry designers are trying to present the traditional things in a new way and new ideas.When it comes to Mehandi it is the most common and most important thing in the fashion that every girls or woman want to try something new in it.

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The designers mostly get their ideas of Mehandi from the old cultures and traditions which the today’s generation have forgotten.Most designers prefer the ideas from Rajasthani Mehandi Designs. Rajasthan is a state of India which is covered with desert, this state is rich in old culture and traditions and even the tourists from the western countries are inspired by the local traditions of this area. These tourists are so much inspired by the Rajasthan that they also want to introduce the same idea in their country as well.

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Most probably the introduction of Mehandi in the western countries is a rare thing, but when it was presented there the number of people adopted the ideas of Rajasthani Mehandi Designs. As for the Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka, these countries actually have the trend for using Mehandi at most events from generation to generation, and Mehandi is considered as the essential part of fashion on the events. Mehandi is mostly applied on the hand and legs and as for full hands, there are many Rajasthani Mehandi Designs.


Types of Rajasthani Mehandi Designs

There are many types of Rajasthani Mehandi Designs for different events. Like for the weddings, the designs that are used by the brides are dark in colors and they use the very heavy design in the hands. At the weddings, the Mehandi is applied on the hands and the legs, not only for the brides every women and girl apply Mehandi on the hands but the designs they use are very light than the bride.

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There is a very popular event among the Hindu people which comes once on every year and that event is Karwa Chauth, here the women use the very simple Mehandi designs to celebrate this festival. The women do not prepare much for this festival but still, they wants to look prettier as well.Among the Muslims Culture, there are many festivals among them and they celebrate these festivals full of joy and pleasure. The most common yet the most important two festivals among the Muslim religion are Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha and people start to prepare and start shopping for these festivals from very before most probably a month before the festival starts.


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Women are always in the search of new fashion in the market and they fulfill all of their desires on these events. A day before the festival all the markets are filled with people and there is always a traffic jam on the roads. In the beauty salons, girls and women go to get ready and they apply the Rajasthani Mehandi Designs on this special festival, these designs are very famous because of the traditional designs in them.


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Nowadays there are many books available in the market for Mehandi designs where one can easily find their desired design in the form of pictures, moreover, it is also very easy to make the specific design in perfect ways. Even you do not require any types of skills for this purpose.

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