Beautiful Bridal Mehndi Designs

Bridal Mehndi Designs For Wedding Ceremony

Bridal Mehndi Designs

Mehndi designs are one of the most important things for a bride to have her hands and feet colored with henna before the big day. Have you ever seen an Eastern bride on the ceremony stage without having bridal mehndi designs on her body? Especially hands, arm and feet as they are the parts visible from the dress and along with the heavy jewelry and nail polish on the nails, the dark reddish color of the henna looks simply breathtaking. No matter what is the color of the dress, either a lighter or a darker shade, henna goes well with every bridal dress and makes the gold, silver or Kundan jewelry stand out from the rest of the things. Without bridal mehndi designs, a bride is incomplete and looks like something is missing from her.

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Bridal Mehndi


This is why it is really necessary for a girl to have her hands colored with henna before the arrival of the special days of her life. Once you sign in with a beauty parlor for different sessions, the makeup artists there does her or his best to make sure that you look gorgeous on your wedding day. Similarly, the best mehndi artist is hired for the application of bridal mehndi right? You can either show the mehndi expert the designs you have collected from another source and you want them on your hands or else let the expert show her creativity by making the best bridal mehndi design herself.

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Bridal Henna

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Many girls are worried about the color of the mehndi. The color specifically depends on the body temperature of the person as well as the tone of the skin. Examples, where the color of the bridal henna starts to fade just after the first event, for instance, mayun or mehndi, are also seen which is why it is advised to choose a time which is quite near to the main event. Festivals and events for a bride-to-be start since the “baat pak’ki hona” date which is why it is very important to select the right time and day for applying henna. The preferred time is the day of mayun or the night before the wedding so that the bride can enjoy the fresh lovely color of her bridal mehndi designs.

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Wedding Tattoos


Talking about the bridal mehndi design opens several doors for the bride-to-be and she has to pick the best one. Well, this means that there are numerous types of wedding tattoos available but of course, not all of them can be applied in a single event. The designs can be chosen for Arabic, African or the famous gola design. All these designs are made by combining different figures, symbols, and artistic drawings. From floral designs to heart, peacock, spiral and different pattern designs, all are appreciated by the populace. Bracelet and bangle designs are best suited for the hands of a bride. According to her own choice, she can also opt for full arm and half leg mehndi design as seen in Rajasthani mehndi designs. The sole purpose on the wedding day is to look good, fresh and well-dressed for the big event which is why all that matters are the things that make the bride and her family happy and applying henna is one of them.


To add some spark to the bridal mehndi designs, glittered cone tubes are also available in the market. Once the mehndi is dried and washed off from the hands, the mehndi artist can fill some of the areas of the design with glitter or might outline the whole design with it. A traditional myth heard since a long time is that the color of the bridal mehndi designs determines the love the bride would get from her mother-in-law. The darker the color is, the more she’ll be loved. This is why many people advise applying the mixture of lemon juice and sugar water through the cotton before washing the henna mud off the hands and after it is dried.

Henna mehndi Designs for bridal

Beautiful Bridal Mehndi Designs

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