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Best Mehndi Designs for Indian Brides

Bridal Mehndi Designs


Use of wonderful mehndi on hands and feet is auspicious for marriage as well as other joyful events. Till date, it is an integral part of the marriage ceremony of Indian couples. Nowadays, in India and in other countries such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, women wear temporary mehndi tattoos. For the brides, applying mehndi is almost mandatory since it is believed to be an emblem that brings both luck and happiness for the new family.


There are other popular beliefs related to this type of tradition in India. For example, the colour of mehndi symbolises the understanding as well as affection between the couple. It also depicts the mutual bond between the bride and the groom’s mother. If the bride can retain the colour for long period of time it means that the married life of the couple will be truly beautiful. Plus, the mehndi also is the symbol of fertility. Experts believe that wedding mehndi is famous for medicinal properties. It has cooling effects that cure a headache and tension. Therefore it can be applied to reduce the stress that may occur during the wedding time.


There are different mehndi designs and styles popular in the present times. From Indian, Moghul to Arabic, the Indian bride can choose one that suits her personality and also taste. Here are few exclusive Mehndi designs that you can choose for your special day.



Elaborate Hand designs:

mehndi design 2017 simple mehandi

bridal mehandi for hand

Unique mehndi design

Most brides use intricate Mehndi design on the wedding day to draw the attention of her audiences. The intricate design is innovative since it features the bride’s picture on her one hand and her groom’s image on another hand. Generally, this type of design that is inspired by the exquisite artworks of Indian temples looks good on hands of a beautiful Indian bride. The intricate design also is used to decorate the front as well as back sides of hands.



Glitter designs:


Inspired by the tail of a peacock, a simple glitter design is often used to highlight the beauty of a bride of the Indian family. Gold, silver and rust coloured glitters are the perfect combination and a bride can use them for tiny designs on fingers as well as fingertips. Few people also prefer traditional motifs for glitter mehndi design on a wedding day. These designs can be made attractive by using red coloured glitters.  People can also create floral designs with black coloured mehndi and use appropriate glitters. Here the patterns are prominent and are usually done in an artistic way. Green glitters are used to create green leaves.

 latest popular mehndi design 2018 mehndi design indian

Contrast mehndi designs:


Most Indian brides display contrast coloured mehndi design on hand or other parts of the body. To create contrast, grey colour is mostly preferred by the people. Also silver glitters as well as tiny rhinestones are used for the purpose. These motifs are available in different geometric shapes and sizes.

Classic Design Rajasthani Bridal bridal mehndi for 2 hand

Simple designs:

If a bride wants to avoid intricate design and go for simple as well as sober look, then she should only decorate the top portions of her hands.  One must use algebraic shapes, flower-patterned designs that are perfect for wedding occasion. For smarter and more stylish look, inverted heart motifs are the best option. These Arabic style patterns make the woman look beautiful.

latest most beautiful mehndi design simple mehndi design for hand and finger simple classic mehndi design for bridals simple basic mehndi design for beginner arabic simple mehndi design



Shaded Mehndi:


A classic paisley, as well as floral design, is perfect for a grand marriage ceremony. This unique combination enhances glory and beauty of a bride during Indian wedding. Shades on paisley and also on flower motifs make the entire mehndi design appealing to the audiences.

perfect mehndi design

Perfect mehndi design

Arabic Bridal Mehndi Design For the Hands modern bridal mehndi design



One can also choose a wonderful design that features typical Arabic mehndi outlines. The palm of the bride is nicely decorated with stunning floral motifs along with shaded inners. The tiny swirled patterns also increase the beauty of the whole design. One can also go for shaded leafy patterns on the wrists. Exclusive floral patterns are used to decorate fingertips and palms of the bride. For the wrist, shades are used to add a new dimension to the entire design.

mehandi arabic tattoo best latest modern mehndi

arabic mehndi design for hand

Arabic Mehendi


Exclusive Feet Mehndi:

It is wrong to think that mehndi is meant to beautify the hands of the bride. Many women also decorate their feet with stunning mehndi design. Especially such decoration is ideal for the woman who is going to perform specific wedding rites where her beautiful feet capture the attention of the invitees.


mehndi design on feet image unique pattern Feet Henna design Sudani mehndi design for feet and hand mehendi design for full feet


To decorate the feet many brides of modern time choose mehndi designs that make use of multiples coloured crystals. These women prefer flower-patterned designs for this purpose. Other pretty designs for feet decoration are the special designs extending till the half portion of lower legs. A little bit of shading will make it more attractive.

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