Simple mehndi design for hand and fingers


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The long living tradition of Mehndi application is still alive with the Best Mehndi Designs. One can find tons of Mehndi Designs on the internet, you name it and million of designs will pop up. Before the emergence of the World Wide Web Mehndi designs were available on small booklets for copying and inspirational work. That time it was limited to few designs which were quite similar to each other and there was not much variation.

latets white henna mehndi on hand

The oldest, simplest and the Best Mehndi Design of all ages is where the tips of the fingers are painted and a filled circle is drawn in the middle of the palm with some other details. This design is called Tikki Mehndi and this design was used in the golden old era but still, it has much life with quite many innovations. Brides of sub-continent from more than 5 decades use to apply such designs on their hands, as the application was quite easy and quick with little hassles.

Simple peacock mehndi design for beginner

The well known Mughlai Mehndi is not far behind in the race of best Mehndi designs where the hands are completely over crowded with henna paste and the details inside are really unique. The details of the designs include dholkis (Desi Instrument), birds like peacocks, sparrows, traditional male and female figures. The design looks very intricate and jaw dropping as it requires a lot of time and hard work. Much experience and good free hand is required to apply such a design. It can be rewarded as the best Mehndi design of the decade.

twins style mehndi for hands

The best ever Arabic Mehndi Designs are inline too. These are much simpler and add a very glamorous and traditional touch to the hands and feet. Sometimes the design is limited to just the fingers or palm. The details are given in else area with floral and leafy patterns. The under feet is all covered with thick henna which takes a hell lot of time to dry up. This is one of the best Mehndi designs which are mostly used in Middle-Eastern countries and some of the countries of North Africa. All these designs are glamorous yet elegant to wear and some can be applied for daily beauty regime.

Simple best mehndi design for hand and fingers


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