Most Amazing Pakistani Mehndi Designs

Arabic Mehndi Designs and Pakistani Mehndi

Mehndi has been used since ancient times for skin decoration in several parts of the world.India, Pakistan and Bangladesh reveal popular trends entailing henna application. The Vedic ritual books also highlight mehndi as a vital symbolic representation. Traditional mehndi designs use the sun as the central depiction on the palm.


In the late 1990s, mehndi decorations became a fashionable trend in the West. Also referred as henna tattoos, mehndi decoration can depict special events like weddings and festivities. The traditional application of mehndi entails grinding henna leaves to form a consistent paste, although ready-made henna cones have gained fame recently.


Mehndi patterns of Pakistan


Among the various mehndi patterns, the Pakistani, Arabic, African and Indian are the most popular ones.


Pakistani red henna mehndi design image

Pakistani mehndi designs popular among the people of Pakistan have reputed mehndi designs and enjoy worldwide fame. They have an attractive appeal and significance. These designs can be highly complicated and fulfilling, depending on the celebration, taste and location.


Pakistani weddings reveal extensive mehndi designs, particularly for the bride. Applying mehndi over hands, arms and feet are common. Some may get extended designs on other body parts, including back and shoulder. Pakistani mehndi can represent one of the most detailed and elaborate designs. These designs can be time consuming and exhaustive, taking elongated hours to get the right design. The fine fill-ins can create attractive designs and are the most sought-after ones by women.


Arabic mehndi designs


The Arabic mehndi design, popular worldwide, is apparently less detailed and intricate but attractive and extremely beautiful. It does not have fill-ins and is just colored in boldly. Although these mehndi designs may not cover your hands or feet all the way, they can be one of the most effective tattooing techniques which are painless and temporary. The mehndi designs can also be used to decorate other parts of the body including belly and back.

mehndi Designs arabic style

Arabic mehndi designs can be diverse. Floral designs, designs with some open space and ones which do not have motifs (like peacocks or figures) are popular ones. Mehndi lovers also find the in styled mehndi patterns attractive. In styled mehndi designs are created out of a pattern scratch (created by thin outline). The central empty part is filled with dress shining mehndi. Usually, simple floral motifs (worn at hands and feet of women) find wide applicability. Vivid mehndi designs can represent the skills of artists and design individuality of all traditions around Arabian Peninsula.

Unbelievable Arabic Mehndi for Bridal

Arabic mehndi generously uses big, simply constructed floral patterns possibly because they can be created effortlessly. Trailing, bold flower designs are also popular. Animal or human figures are usually not used. The designs can be applied with ease and quickness and can be less expensive compared to other mehndi styles.


Different cultures converging to one design


Mehndi is a popular temporary art form which is finding increasing applicability across the world. While local artists can be employed to apply fascinating mehndi designs over hands and feet, there are professionals who can create amazing designs out of henna pastes. Designers also offer classical, bridal and contemporary designs.


A worthy mehndi designer should provide you a comprehensive package at affordable rates. Post application care can prolong the life of a mehndi design, although they slowly fade away with time and get completely removed. Mehndi designs can be gorgeous and lovely when created correctly. Choose a skilled person on the subject, as decent designs may want plenty of experience and skill in application.


Mehndi is going beyond weddings and festivities; women find more than one reason to adorn a design. Temporary tattooing is an easy art with mehndi. You can find abundant mehndi designs to adorn different occasions. DIY mehndi designs can also be implemented as the art of mehndi tattooing is effortless and intuitive.

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