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iMehndi.com has been build in April 2017.Our goal to show best mehndi designs to our visitors and make a great community.And Also sharing informative articles.

There are various articles for different types of Mehndi available on iMehndi.com like, “Mehndi Design“,”Bridal Mehndi Designs“,”Henna Design“,”Indian Mehndi Designs“,”Arabic Mehndi Designs” and much more.

iMehndi.com is a community driven website to showcase Mehndi designs created by members.

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What is Mehndi(henna)?

Mehndi is the traditional art of henna painting. An alluring art derived from North India,

But today it has become a popular art in the whole world.

Mehndi is usually adorned by women, although men also put on mehndi for occasions.

In the olden days, people used to grind leaves from Mehndi trees (Lawsonia inermis) and use the resultant paste to decorate their hands. Nowadays, the mehndi dye that we see in the form of beautiful designs is made from ground Mehndi leaves. The ground paste is mixed with a few other ingredients like lemon juice and applied using cones. The cones are filled with the mehndi paste, and squeezed on the palms, as designs, much like icing a cake. The designs are washed off after a few hours. The resulting mehndi stain stays on for about a couple of weeks.

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