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(2018) New Henna Designs For Hands


Latest Henna Designs Ideas



Henna Designs are being changed with the Fashion and Latest Henna Designs are replaced with the old Mehndi Designs.


Henna, a traditional extract made from the leaves of the henna tree is used to dye or temporarily paint the skin for beautification purposes. Henna was used in ancient Egypt for cosmetic purposes, to color the different parts of the body. Each time period has their own sort of Henna Designs, but the latest henna designs are the ones applied mostly in the current era.

flower mehndi dor hand

Artist: @hennabyrazinah

If we talk about the latest henna designs then the design most popularly used these days is the heavy use of thin and fine henna. The designs are quite complexed and look beautiful after complete application. A lot of time and patience is required while applying such henna. Whether the design is expanding till the elbow or it is just limited to the palm, an expert is required who can do justice with the application of the required design.


unique mehndi design for hand

artist: @hennasooq



detailed henna tattoo for hands hennaby_mk

Artist: @hennaby_mk


Henna is known for its beautiful and refreshing fragrance and when your hands will look beautiful and smell great, you will be certainly refreshed. The intricate and latest henna designs of this era are mostly floral or geometrical with some other unique details to beautify the application part. Some of the eye-catching designs of the season have been awarded the best which require loads of hard and hand work.


mehndi design for hands artist hennaby_mk

Artist: @hennaby_mk


Henna is the most important part of a wedding occasion where the bride is dressed up beautifully along with the gorgeous and stylish henna on her hands and feet. The designs can be simple yet elegant. Some bride wants it to be simple but most like to have some overly packed and fine designs. As it is the most important day of their lives they want everything to be precise and want to apply latest henna tattoo. To make the henna design more beautiful for the day some colored glitter and diamantes are also applied over the henna to emphasis the design. Old designs are also getting popular with little changes but it is all in your mind how you want to see it and how the Henna Artist will apply on your hands and feet.


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